WebD2 Club Meeting Minutes

Thursday 11 MAR 2021 
3:30 – 4:30pm

In Attendance

  • Robert Buchholz
  • Frank Kashdan
  • Brian Kallie
  • Jennifer Strader
  • Nikki Thurman
  • Ayoub Ben Khedher

Agenda – Open Agenda

Subjects Discussed

  • Discord
  • Podcast
  • Website
  • Next Meeting


  • Brian set up Discord for us.
  • He described it as a collision of Ventrilo and Slack.
  • We briefly discussed the background/origins of Discord.
  • Brian shared credentials with Robert.
  • Frank suggested we work in the channels within Discord.
  • We determined that it is possible to meet in Discord instead of WebEx.
  • We would need to invite all attendees and invitations expire.
  • You can bring people into Discord and assign roles to them.
  • We decided to use our real names instead of funny screen names when signing into our channel so we all know who is talking.


  • Subject options for Podcast that we discussed were Tricks and Basics for CSS
  • Brian asked how detailed we wanted to be.
  • Frank suggested that we keep it simple.
  • He said that as we go further we could dive deeper into the subject.
  • Nikki threw out: What is CSS, What are the benefits, What are the best practices
  • Robert suggested loading topics into Trello.
  • Frank opened Trello and added topics.
  • He suggested that between now and next meeting we go into Trello and Discord and share ideas.
  • He went over Trello cards.
  • Nikki asked if we can start sharing resources and brainstorming in Discord.


  • Frank suggested we create something like our own “subreddit” on the website for our resources.
  • Robert said maybe we could do that in a new board in Trello
  • Brian asked if anyone had been in the website working on it.
  • No one had.
  • Robert said that he was pretty sure that Adam still wanted to work on the website even though he was not present at this meeting.
  • Ayoub volunteered to help on website during spring break.
  • We can use Discord for website ideas too.
  • Robert demonstrated how to add meeting minutes to website.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday March 25, 2021, 3:30 to 4:30
  • Bring more ideas for website and podcast
  • Maybe we can work on framing podcast.