WebD2 Club Meeting Minutes

* April 22, 2021
* WebEx
* 3:30 - 4:30pm

In Attendance

  • Robert Buchholz
  • Brian Kallie
  • Adam Bruce
  • Jennifer Strader

Agenda – Open Agenda

Subjects Discussed

  • End of Semester
  • Podcast and Website
  • Minutes
  • Next Meeting

End of Semester

  • We talked about the end of the semester
  • We shared the projects and finals for the coming weeks

Podcast and Website

  • Jennifer suggested that we table the Podcast for fall semester since we have not been able to get it finalized
  • Everyone present agreed
  • Brian suggested that we do the same for the website
  • Robert offered that it will be much easier to collaborate in the fall because we should be meeting on campus.


  • Jennifer asked for help with last meetings minutes.
  • They were not in the correct format.
  • Robert tried to walk Jennifer through posting minutes.
  • For some reason it did not work from Jennifer’s PC
  • Robert said that he would look into it and he offered to upload the minutes for today’s meeting.

Next Meeting – To Be Announced – See you all Next Fall!